Case Results

Matrimonial and Family Law (Divorce)

Represented a partner at an international law firm in divorce proceeding. Settled on the eve of trial with the assistance of a private mediator.

Represented a police officer in a multi-day divorce trial over complex financial issues related to deferred compensation.

Represented the high net worth husband in a divorce trial lasting over 15 days.  Protected over $20 million in premarital assets.

Represented doctor in 10 day divorce trial, resulting in favorable outcome on significant financial issues.

Represented many top executives at large insurance companies in both negotiated divorce settlements and contested matters.  Some of these cases have included complex offshore holdings.

Represented stay-at-home wife of hedge fund partner. Settlement negotiated prior to trial.

Negotiated a postnuptial agreement involving a couple receiving a financial windfall from the sale of a family company.

Mediated a divorce settlement for a couple with serious debt issues related to failed business interests.

Negotiated a prenuptial agreement for a client with assets in excess of $20 million dollars.

Successfully won a dismissal of a family law appeal brought before the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Successfully had a case reversed on appeal to the Connecticut Appellate Court.

Personal Injury

Participated, with another firm, in a negotiated settlement of over $5,000,000.00 for injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Involved in a traumatic brain injury case settling prior to trial for over $6,000,000.00.

Negotiated a settlement in a slip and fall case for over $350,000.00.  Our client was retired and loss enjoyment of his retirement.

Settled a matter for $130,000.00.  Our client, a child, suffered a broken leg after a fall from a collapsed deck.

Represented a hotel guest in a significant settlement for injuries sustained during a business trip.

Resolved a matter against a pharmacy chain for negligently giving the wrong prescription to an elderly client, resulting in physical injury.

Represented a client injured in a workplace accident.  We were able to recover from a third party that was responsible for the injuries suffered.


Advised numerous start-up internet ventures regarding formation, financing and operation.

Negotiated an exclusive license agreement with between our client and a European energy company.

Assisted numerous start-up company in preparation of a Private Placement Memorandum and successful raising of its seed round of financing.

Represented a group of doctors in the sale of their New York City based medical practice.

Represented an entrepreneur in the sale of intellectual property assets in excess of several million dollars.

Represented a technology start-up in $500,000 round of angel investor funding.

Represented retail company in sale of assets to a third party for $3,000,000.00.

Trust and Estate

Represented a beneficiary in extensive litigation against fiduciaries of a sizable trust.

Represented a client suing a relative over breach of fiduciary duty in administering an estate.

Represented a Connecticut estate with complicated multi-million dollar real estate holdings.  Ancillary probate proceedings in two other states.

Represented multiple conservators in prolonged litigation with family members of the conserved individual.

Represented an heir in a will contest action concerning a claim of undue influence.

Represented a client in the management of a private equity interest.

Drafted revocable trust tailored to the needs and desires of an elderly client.

Planned for the disposition of significant family real estate assets.

Preparation of hundreds of wills for clients.

Represented multiple executors in the administration of estates.

Real Estate

Represented hundreds of individuals in purchase, sale or refinance of residential properties.

Represented a real estate developer in acquisition of $10,000,000.00 apartment building.

Structured a foreign investment in a regional real estate holding company.

Represented a developer in the acquisition of a historic downtown Hartford mixed-use building.

Represented an investor on issues surrounding his investment position in a real estate private equity fund.

Represented the owner of a large New York City apartment building in a refinance transaction.

Represented the purchaser/developer of a large New York City mixed-use development.

Handled multiple 1031 exchanges for sellers of commercial real estate properties.

Represented a landowner in evaluating a property tax appeal, resulting in a 30% reduction in tax bill.